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VC Armory offers an indoor smokeless virtual simulation range, with the assistance of The MILO Range. It is integrated with a real firearm (Glock 19) that has been modified with an infrared laser and C02. Our Sim Gun has about 80% of the kick of live ammunition but is 100% non-lethal and much less expensive.

The MILO Range Pro training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Use-of-Force and Crisis

100% non-lethal
handgun training


Management Training on the market today. No other system can deliver a more realistic, adaptable training environment in a single ready-to-go package. In addition to hundreds of high-impact contemporary training scenarios, an extensive library of interactive graphics-based firearm drills and exercises are included, featuring MILO’s simple Course of Fire creator and Marksmanship drills.

We have a variety of instructors from all different walks of life that offer a plethora of perspectives. 


Our simulator training is offered for all levels of experience:

From the very basics of handgun safety, grip and eye dominancy to home defense, crisis aversion, and Use-of-Force.


Simulator sessions start at $75 an hr. and are scheduled individually during our regular business hours with limited weekend availability.

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