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Ladies Night was designed by Nicole Young. The goal of

Ladies Night is to empower women to gain basic knowledge in firearm safety and handling. Ladies will gain confidence in learning about how firearms operate and get on target, not to mention feeling like a badass when you leave!


This is a live shooting firearm class, no experience is necessary to join. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Liability

waivers will be signed on site. Ladies Night is held at Shooters Paradise in Oxnard. The whole range is rented out exclusively for VC Armory Ladies. Range safety officers are on site during the duration of the live shooting.  Cost includes, firearm rental, ammunition and you will walk away with the exclusive Ladies’ Night shirt (earned not bought!).


With the booming success of Ladies Night, Ladies Night Holster class has been added on an invite basis only. VC Armory strives on safety, and this class is for our ladies who qualify for the course.

Ladies night Level 1 is $150 

Includes firearm rental, ammuniton, target, limited edition t-shirt, and DOJ certified instruction.

At Shooters Paradise from 5:30-7:30


Ladies night Level 2 is $75

Ladies must provide their own firearm, holster, and ammuniton.

Level 2 Ladies Night is for woman who are familiar with pulling from a holster.

At Shooters Paradise from 6-7:30

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